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Excerpts taken from Church of Scotland's the Church & Society e-mails.
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Presented by The Church of Scotland, Society, Religion and Technology Project

faster, higher, stronger

technology and competitive sport

Paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike, rugby star Scott Hastings and Donald Walker assistant editor at the Scotsman debate about the benefits, problems and the ethical questions that technological advances bring when used in competitive sport.

The event will be chaired by sports journalists Graham Spiers.

Wednesday 16 April 2014, 5:30-7:00pm

National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF

For more information and booking visit the Edinburgh International Science Festival website

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Imagining Scotland's Future - Update

Scotland's Future PNG Over the last twelve months the Church and Society Council has been running a series of events around Scotland, encouraging communities to think about what values we want to underpin Scottish society and what shared vision we can aspire to. The report on the consultations will be launched by the Moderator at the end of February, and from March onwards Church and Society Council representatives will be available to come to church groups to give presentations on the report and answer any questions.

We're also offering a range of exciting options in 2014 which we hope will help congregations to have local discussions about the referendum.

If you would like to book a speaker, please email Fiona Buchanan, Local Involvement Officer (tel: 0131 240 2276). More information can also be found on the Church of Scotland website.

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Update on proposed anti-human trafficking legislation

Photo of chained hands JPEG In November 2013 we asked you to speak out about human trafficking by responding to a consultation on a Scottish Human Trafficking Bill published by Jenny Marra MSP.

Last month Ms Marra announced that her consultation had received 45,000 responses making it the third highest number of responses to legislation since devolution behind only the Smoking in Public Places consultation and the Equal Marriage consultation.

These responses will now be analysed and a summary will be prepared and published. Ms Marra will then be able to seek support from MSPs to introduce her proposal to the Scottish Parliament.

Many thanks if you responded to this consultation.

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Lent Cookbook - Food for Thought

Photo of food JPEG The Scottish Episcopal Church and Christian Aid have come together to launch a brand new cookbook for Lent 2014, bringing 'food for thought' from around the world to churches and families in Scotland.

Inspired by last year's 'Enough Food For Everyone IF' campaign, the intention of this joint venture is to help generate reflection and discussion around themes of food justice, how our food is made, and what individuals and communities in Scotland can do.

A PDF of the free cookbook can be downloaded from the Christian Aid Scotland website.

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Edinburgh Science Festival

Atom matrix JPEG The Society, Religion and Technology project are involved in two events at the Edinburgh Science Festival this year at the National Museum of Scotland:

"Faster, higher, stronger" is taking place on Wednesday 16 April at 5.30pm, and will consider if science and sport can really mix, and if the use of technology can take place on a truly level playing field. In the year of the Commonwealth Games, this audience-based debate with rugby star Scott Hastings, Paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike and sports journalist Graham Speirs will explore the benefits, problems and ethical questions that arise from the use of technological advances in competitive sport.

"Artificial Intelligence: what to think?" is taking place on Tuesday 15 April at 8pm. Join our panel of specialists as they explore artificial intelligence (AI). Prof Steve Fuller, Dr Gavin Merrifield and science fiction writer Charles Stross consider what AI means to their disciplines. Hosted by Donald J MacDonald, clinical biochemist and Elder of the United Free Church of Scotland and facilitated by Sue Rigby, geologist, and Vice Principal of Learning and Teaching at the University of Edinburgh.

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COSY Guide to Ethical Living

COSY Guide to Ethical Living PNG The COSY (Church of Scotland Youth) guide to ethical living was written by a group of young people to help others consider how to live more ethically.

The idea for the guide came about when the 2012 National Youth Assembly was thinking about the problem of tax dodging. In discussions that followed, delegates expressed a desire to live more ethically but felt they needed more information on how to do this and so the "COSY Guide" was commissioned.

Written by NYA delegates the guide is easy to read with each topic broken down into manageable chunks, each with some information and ideas for action. It can be used as a basis for school lessons and assemblies or with youth groups and would make a good gift for those heading to university.

Hard copies of the guide can be purchased online - it is also available for free download.

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Moderator's Medal 2014

The Moderator's Medal is a competition that encourages young people aged 11-18 to think about faith, belief and spirituality and how to express themselves. The deadline for applications is the end of March 2014. For further details about entering contact Agnes Mullen.

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Stevenson Prize 2014

The Stevenson Prize is for schools and is awarded for excellence in Religious Observance/Time for Reflection. The competition is for work by pupils and awards Ł500 to three winners. The deadline is 31 March - for further details about entering contact Agnes Mullen.

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Upcoming Events

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