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Presentation to Anne Wilson with a long service certificate signed by Lorna Hood, the moderator of the Church of Scotland for her work with the children and Sunday School. Also a bouquet of flowers and a card from the congregation of Glamis Inverarity Kinnettles Parish Church and West Angus Area Ministry (WAAM).

Linda Stevens said, "I would now like to make a presentation to someone who has worked tirelessly in this congregation and has been the backbone of our children's work.

"Anne, we know you as a humble person, one who does not look for praise but is happy to work away quietly with the children seeking no recognition. But, we feel that we would like to take this opportunity to say our thanks to you.

"Thanks for all the work that you do with our children, weekly Sunday School, the summer Sunday School, barbeques and picnics also special fun days in the holidays.

"For the work that we see, for the countless hours behind the scenes that we don't see, we thank you.

"In honour of that, I would like to present you with this certificate of Long Service signed by Lorna Hood, the moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland."

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