David The Giant-Killer

Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, 1 Samuel Chapter 17

Cartoon Of David The Philistine army gathered on one hill in Judah and the Israelites were on another with the valley of Elah between.

Jesse had eight sons with the three eldest in King Saul's army and was naturally worried about them. His youngest son, David, was with him at home tending the sheep.

One day he called out, "David! Go to the battle-front and see how your brothers are, I'm concerned about them. Take some fresh bread and these ten cheeses as a present for their officers and hurry back."

David went to look for his brothers, he found that both armies were lined up ready to do battle. A giant of a Philistine, called Goliath stepped forward causing the Israelite army to fall silent. Goliath's mighty voice broke the stillness.

"You Israelites!" the giant thundered. "Choose a man to fight me! If he wins, we will be your subjects. Should I win - we will make you our slaves!"

David looked across and saw the largest man he had ever seen, fully armed for fighting. Another Philistine walked in front carrying a great big shield.

"Who does this man think he is that he can defy the army of God?" David asked.

"That's Goliath," the soldiers near him explained. "We're all terrified!"

Cartoon Of Goliath The Israelite soldiers were, fearfully, going back to their tents rather than face Goliath.

David's brothers came over. "Little brother," Eliab said, "why are you here? You should be looking after sheep and minding your own business!"

"I only asked," David protested. "Nobody has the right to challenge God's people like that. Goliath is not stronger than our God!"

Someone reported to Saul what the young man who was talking so bravely had said and David was called to the King.

"Your Majesty," David said to Saul, " let no one fear this Philistine. I, your servant, will fight him!"

Saul was amazed and said, "You're just a boy. Goliath is a fully trained professional soldier. What makes you think you could win?"

"I have had plenty of practice as a shepherd. God protected me from both lions and bears when they attacked my sheep. God will help me now."

"All right," Saul answered, "you can fight Goliath, and may the Lord go with you!"

Saul dressed David with his armour, he must be protected. After David had strapped on all the armour, big sword and helmet too, he could hardly walk!

"This is no good," he puffed. "I'm not a soldier. I must be able to move freely and rely on the weapons I know and trust."

David took off the heavy armour and ran down to the nearby stream and chose five smooth pebbles from under the water.

Cartoon Of David Cartoon Of Goliath He put them in his pouch and checked his sling. Then he approached the Philistine champion, carrying his shepherd's stick.

Goliath stepped forward, calling out his challenge. He looked at David, a small, unarmed figure, and became angry.

"You come to fight me?" he asked with a roar. "Do you think I'm a dog that you come at me with a stick? Come closer and I'll give you to the birds to peck." Goliath cursed David.

"You fight against me with your sword and spear," David called out, "but, I come in the name of our God. He is stronger than anyone. You have cursed Him, but He will make sure I win and everyone will know that He is the one true God of Israel."

Then David ran at Goliath taking a pebble from his bag and fitted it into his sling. Skilfully he swung it round his head and aimed.

The stone flew and hit Goliath in the middle of his forehead. He fell to the ground. David ran and stood over Goliath, took the Philistine's own sword and killed him with it.

The Philistines were very afraid and ran from the battlefield.

Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, 1 Samuel Chapter 17

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