Joseph and the Special Coat

Part One

Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, Genesis Chapters 37 to 46

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Joseph wearing his coat of many colours. Jacob and his family were in Canaan, however, there was a lot of jealousy and frequent quarrels among his wives and children.

Rachel was the only wife he loved. She died while giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. Little Benjamin was to be the last in Jacob's large family.

Sad at losing Rachel, and because of the love he had for her, Jacob treated Joseph, her older son, as if he was really the eldest of all his children. The older brothers were very jealous and angry at this.

To make matters worse, Jacob gave Joseph a special, colourful coat, the kind that only an eldest son could hope to own.

Jacob's other sons hated Joseph and they would go off to look after Jacob's flocks, grumbling and muttering.

As Joseph grew older, Jacob sent him to help some of his half-brothers look after the sheep.

Shocked by some of the things Joseph saw them doing, he told his father everything when he got home. That made things even worse.

They hated him so much they would not talk to him and when Joseph tried to speak, his brothers just ignored him, only speaking among themselves.

Sheaf Of Wheat One night Joseph dreamed a very strange dream. "I had a very strange dream last night!" he told to his brothers the next morning.

"We were all out in the harvest field, tying up the sheaves of corn, then, suddenly, the sheaf I was tying stood up straight. Then your sheaves made a circle round mine and bowed down to it."

If Joseph thought his brothers would be interested in his dream, he was very wrong.

"Did you think we will bow down to you ?" the brothers asked angrily. "If you do, you're mistaken, nor will we beg you for anything."

Sun, Moon and Stars bowing down to Joseph. Soon after, Joseph had another strange dream. This time he told his father about it.

"I dreamt that the sun, moon and eleven stars were all bowing down to me."

There were eleven stars and eleven brothers. They soon guessed his meaning!

"High and mighty Joseph thinks we shall treat him as the boss," they said to themselves.

Even Jacob was a little upset. He thought that the sun and moon in the dream might be a picture of him and his wife.

"Do you really think that you will be more important than your parents?" he asked Joseph.

Although he scolded Joseph, Jacob went on thinking about the dream. Could it be God's way of telling him that He had chosen Joseph to be someone special in the family?

Some time later, Jacob looked for Joseph, he had an errand for him.

"Your brothers have been away for a long time, I'm anxious about them," he said, "go out and look for them. Make sure they are safe."

Joseph set off in the direction his brothers had gone, asking for news of them as he went. At last he tracked them down.

When he was still in the distance, his brothers caught sight of him. They recognised him right away by the special coat that Jacob had given him.

Joseph Is Put Into The Dried-up Well. "Look!" called out one of them, "Here comes that dreamer!"

"We've got him on his own now," said another. "Why don't we kill him while we have the chance? Then we'll see what becomes of his wonderful dreams."

Reuben, Jacob's eldest son, tried to stop them. "We ought not to kill him," he said. "Let's just throw him down this dried-up well. That should teach him a lesson!"

Joseph was close now, so there was no time for more talk and plans. He came towards them eagerly, not suspecting any harm.

Two of the biggest brothers seized him, while another ripped off his fine coat. Then, as Reuben had suggested, they threw him into the deep pit. There would be no climbing those steep slippery sides to escape.

Joseph is pulled up from the well. A little breathless, but well satisfied, the brothers sat down to enjoy their meal. They paid no attention to Joseph's desperate cries for help.

While they were eating, a caravan of traders came towards them, camels laden with spices on their way to Egypt.

"Why not sell Joseph to the traders?" Judah suggested. "It's a much better plan than killing him, and we can earn ourselves a bit of money at the same time."

They all agreed, except Reuben, who was not with them.

Everything began to happen quickly. While some of the brothers bargained with the traders, others hauled Joseph up from the pit and marched him across to be inspected for sale. He certainly looked healthy and strong, in spite of the muddy smears and scratches. He should fetch a good price in the slave-market.

"I'll give you twenty silver pieces for him," the trader offered. The deal was agreed, and Joseph was led away.

Very soon Reuben came back. He had been planning to rescue Joseph secretly and smuggle him home to Jacob. When he found the well empty, he was horrified. Had the other brothers killed Joseph already?

Slave Traders Camel Caravan. The brothers explained to Reuben what they had done. Next they must decide what to tell their father.

They picked up Joseph's fine coat, which they had ripped off him and smeared it with goat's blood.

As soon as they reached home, they took the spoiled coat to Jacob.

"We found this," they said. "Does it belong to Joseph?"

When Jacob saw the blood-stained coat, he let out a great cry.

"A wild animal must have killed him!" he exclaimed. "My own dear son Joseph is dead! I shall never see him again! All my life I shall mourn for him!"

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Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, Genesis Chapters 37 to 46

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