Noah's Ark

Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, Genesis Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9

God wanted to bring people back to loving Him, do good things and to listen to Him! So, all must be swept away and a new beginning made.

Drawing Of Noah's Ark There was one man God knew who loved and obeyed Him. A man that did what was right and a good husband and father to his family, indeed, he was someone who was good to everyone. His name was Noah.

God told Noah what He was going to do.

"All the wickedness must stop," God said. "People have ruined the Earth with their cruelty and bad ways. I will send a flood that will wipe everything away. However, you and your family will be saved. Start building a big boat, an ark."

Noah was given the design, measurements and which materials to use to build the huge ark. Strong cypress wood, waterproofed with tar was used in order to survive the flood that God was going to send.

The ark would need to be large enough to hold Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. Rooms, pens and stalls for two of every kind of animal and bird must be made, so that they could be saved from the flood water too.

Noah did just as God ordered. It took quite a while to gather all the materials and build such an enormous boat.

Animals Entering The Ark People passing and those who were living near wondered what Noah was doing and poked fun at him. While he hammered away, Noah warned them a flood was coming. He tried to persuade them to stop doing and saying bad things. Instead, they should obey God.

Noah was ignored, they wouldn't listen to what he had to say.

Building the ark took a long time, but Noah went on trying to get people to change, to tell God that they were sorry for everything bad they said and had done.

Soon the hammering stopped. The ark was ready.

Drawing Of Noah's Ark But there was still plenty to do. Lots of food must be prepared, gathered and made for all the passengers - both human and animal. Next, two of every animal and bird had to be brought to the ark. Noah's family worked just as hard as he did until at last all preparations were finished.

"Noah, it is time to put you, your family and all the birds and animals into the ark," God said. "I will send the rain in seven day's time."

During that week, Noah organised everything and had everyone put on board before God shut them in. Then the rain fell as God had said it would.

Drawing of the Flood It rained without stopping for forty nights and forty days, swelling the streams and rivers. Soon the water lifted the ark off the ground. Now they were really floating!

Drifting slowly, the huge boat was buffeted by wind and rain. Noah had worked well, the ark was solid and water-tight.

The flood waters had risen until all the landmarks disappeared, even the highest hills were soon under water.

Nothing could be seen except water. After almost six weeks, God had not forgotten Noah and his family, because at last, it stopped raining, just as He had promised.

A strong wind started up. Noah was happy because it would help to dry the ground.

Eventually, the water level dropped and the ark that had drifted helplessly all that time, ran aground on the mountain called Ararat.

To be steady and firm on land and not rocking about felt good!

Another six weeks went by as Noah waited patiently before he released a raven to see if there was anywhere to settle. The raven was so very happy to be free that he stayed up circling in the air, waiting for the trees to reappear.

Then Noah set a dove free, but by night time, she had come back to him and the familiar ark she knew as home.

A Dove Brings An Olive Leaf Gently, Noah reached out and brought her inside, waiting a further week before setting her out again. This time she flew back with a freshly plucked olive leaf in her beak.

Waiting for another seven days, Noah then sent the dove off a third time. She did not come back.

Surely now there was enough dry land for them all to leave the ark.

He took off the huge covering roof of the ark, letting in a stream of welcome daylight.

Then God said to Noah and his family, "Come out of the ark, all of you, now the flood is over."

Drawing of People And A Rainbow Gettting out of the ark and into the fresh air, to walk once more on firm ground! The animals ran out and birds flew singing into the blue sky when they were released. Noah and his family thanked God for His care for them during the terrible flood. They made an altar and offered gifts to God.

Then God blessed Noah and his sons, Shem Ham and Japheth saying, "Have lots of children. Spread out and cover the Earth. Have care for the Earth and for all creatures on it."

"I am going to make a promise," He continued, "never again will I flood the Earth, or destroy all living things as has been done. As long as the Earth lasts, there will be day and night, heat and cold, summer and winter. I will send a season for sowing and a season for harvest.

Further, I am going to give you a sign to remind you of My promise. After rain, look up and you will see a rainbow in the sky, think of My promise and feel safe in the knowledge that I will keep it."

After the flood, Noah and his family felt frightened whenever it rained. But, they would look up when the sun burst through the clouds and see the rainbow shining in the sky. Remembering, only then, that they were really safe. God had kept His promise.

Cartoon Of Man with a key and Bible The complete story is in the Old Testament of the Bible, Genesis Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9

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