Draw a Square Celtic Knot

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Step 1 - Draw a square; Step 2 - Add a straight line from each corner; Step 3 - Draw a line at right angles on each; Step 4 - This is how your shape should look so far.

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Transparent GIF Step 5 Transparent GIF Step 6 Transparent GIF Step 7 Transparent GIF Step 8

Step 5 - Next, draw a half circle from each corner to half way along each line; Step 6 - Your shape should now look like this; Step 7 - Finally, draw a curve from each point to the next; Step 8 - This shows the finished knot with the various stages in different colours.

You could try starting another knot using a different shape like a rectangle and make the extending lines longer or shorter. If you do, see the big differences.

When you have drawn a knot, why not colour it in like the ones on the KIDZONE opening page?

Picts and other Celtic peoples liked bright colours using bright reds, greens, blues, yellows and purples with different shades of each colour which they got from plants like heather, and lichens. Even the many Pictish standing stones have revealed tiny pieces of colouring in them.

Celtic knot designs are "endless", there is no point where the pattern begins or ends.

Experts think this may mean that the designs were meant to represent never-ending life because Celts believed in an afterlife or Heaven, the same as Christian peoples.

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