Glamis Kirk Interior

Picture Of Glamis Kirk Interior The Reverend Matthew Babington, with his wife, Kirk Session and congregation, organised the renovation of the church. This work was quite extensive and completed by 1934.

Babington paid for the building of the Chancel, top and centre of the pictures.

Before the renovations, the church once had a gallery on three sides in traditional Scottish style.

On the left of the picture above is a carpet hanging on the north wall which was in the Chancel. It was made by the minister's wife, Mrs. Anne Babington, and the women of the congregation. All their initials are stitched into the carpet.

The Chancel has a new carpet made by Tibetan refugees in India and laid in 1997.

Picture Of Glamis Kirk Interior The blue banner with our three kirks' symbol of Wild Geese, top right of the pictures, was put up around the time of the "union", the joining of the three churches in 1996.

The Wild Goose was reputed to be a symbol of war and St. Columba of Iona has been credited with transferring the meaning to be that of the Celtic Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit.

The Pulpit used to be on the south wall, right of both pictures.

Craftsmen taught the local men how to carve wood and with the craftsmen's help, the men produced all the pew ends. Each one shows a different pattern.

The present Communion Table and Pulpit were bought and installed during that time.

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