Ornate Gravestones

Kinnettles Kirkyard

Occupational and Ornate Gravestones
Display Of Gravestones In Kinnettles Kirkyard Transparent GIF Display Of Gravestones In Kinnettles Kirkyard

The gravestones, pictured above, have been placed in this way to improve a previously, unsatisfactory solution of leaning fallen stones against the wall.

Tracing the original placements of the above is difficult, however. At least these memorials have regained some dignity by the current layout.

Ornate Gravestone In Kinnettles Kirkyard Transparent GIF Ornate Gravestone In Kinnettles Kirkyard Transparent GIF Ornate Gravestone In Kinnettles Kirkyard

These three gravestones are fine examples of stonemasonary. This craft and such ornate work is, perhaps, less common in churchyards of today.

They show the symbols and markings typical of the trades and professions of those buried.

The quality of stone, such as granite, has risen making for more durable memorials. Also, modern tools, methods and craftmanship, no doubt, do contribute along with changes in taste and design to new styles.

NOTE: Please be aware Kinnettles Church is no longer a place of worship. It was sold and is now a private house. Access to the cemetery, which belongs to Angus Council, is permitted.

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