Hunter's Hill Pictish Stone

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Near Glamis village, a short distance from the road and up a track through trees you will find a stone smaller than the Glamis Manse Stone but impressive nonetheless.

On the east "relief" side is a Celtic Christian Cross with an interlaced Celtic knotwork pattern.

Top left corner there is an angel and bottom left, what looks like two deer.

Up in the top right, which appears to be damaged, are two figures. One with a beast's head and holding an axe while the other figure has lost most of its body.

Bottom right shows two four-legged beasts, a triple ringed symbol and, what is sometimes considered a flower-like symbol.

The west "incised" face shows at the top, although very faint, a four - legged beast or dog, centre, a serpent symbol similar to the Glamis Stone while below, what is left of a mirror symbol.

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