Strathmore Aisle Window

Strathmore Aisle Window

Picture Of The Strathmore Aisle Window

This stained glass window, created by the artist Mrs. Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, installed in 2001, is of a more modern style compared to the older windows in the main church.

Mary, Dowager Countess of Strathmore, commissioned the window in memory of her late husband, Fergus, 17th Earl of Strathmore who died on the 18th August 1987 and also celebrating the marriage of their daughter, Lady Diana Bowes Lyon to Mr. Christopher Godfrey-Faussett on April the 8th 1995 in Glamis Kirk.

The window is a representation of The Wedding In Cana (St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 2) and The Casting Of The Net (St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 21) as in the New Testament of the Bible, the 17th Earl having been a keen fisherman.

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