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The first Sunday of the year we began with the story of the Epiphany. We talked about the gifts the Wise Men brought and why they brought them.

The third Sunday we read from John 2, v 1-11 and the aim of the lesson was to show how Jesus turned water into wine. We had cups of different drinks and tried to tell what they were firstly by smell and then taste.

The last Sunday we read from Luke 4, v 14 - 21 and the aim of the lesson was to dsicover that Jesus had special work to do. We talked about the rescue services and learned that Jesus had come to rescue us. We made scrolls.


The first Sunday in February we read from Luke 5, v 1 - 11 and the aim was to see that when the fishermen obeyed Jesus, they caught lots of fish. We did a word search where we had to find the names of the fishermen.

The next week we read Luke 6, v 17 - 26 and asked ourselves if we were happy, and, what makes us happy. We looked at stories of Mr Grumpy and Mr Greedy. We know that God wants us to be happy.

Week 3, we read from Luke 6, v 26 - 28. The aim was to encourage the children to be generous just as God is generous to us.

The last Sunday in the month, there being a baptism in the church, we looked at what Baptism is and means and also how Jesus was baptised. We did a word search finding the words and objects used in a baptism service.

Anne F Wilson

Coming up..... We are hoping to hold another Fun Day in the Hall on Wednesday 10th April 2013.

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