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The first week we read the story of Andrew and the aim was to show him as a disciple and missionary. We learned that he brought Peter to Jesus. He also brought a boy with 5 barley loaves and 2 fishes. We demonstrated this giving each child a plate with 5 loaves and 2 fishes using the "fish 'n' chips" snacks, the chips representing the bread.

Week 2 We read from Matthew 4 v 12-23 and the aim was to show how the fishermen responded to Jesus. We made paper people representing Andrew, Peter, James and John and then made a second one for us and our friends.

Week 3 we read John 2 v 1-11 and the aim was to show that Jesus brings joy into our lives. We learned how Jesus went to a wedding with his mother and there he changed water into wine. We did a wordsearch.

The last Sunday we talked about light and how Jesus is the Light of the World. We also spoke about Mary Slessor and her life and work. We decided to collect jars of coins to send to Water Aid.


The first week in February we continued with the theme of light. We read from Matthew 5 v 13-20. We spoke about how lights help and guide us just as Jesus does.

The second week we read from Matthew 17 v 1-9 and the aim was to show the glory of God. We coloured three pictures with wax crayons, the first as a cloud, the second, the Words THE GLORY OF GOD and the third, Jesus. We attached them together with wool and then dabbed them with baby oil. When we hung them up in the light we could see Jesus "shining in the light".

Week three we read from Matthew 4 v 1-11 and the aim was to show that God loves us even if we do something wrong. We talked about God's beautiful world and drew our favourite animal.

The last week we read Psalm 121 and the aim was to show that Abram went where God wanted him to because he trusted God. We coloured in pictures of Abram and Sarai, stuck them on toilet roll centres and attached their feet to them using a split pin, to show them "walking in the light of God".

Anne F Wilson

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