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MARCH 2015

The first week, we read from Exodus 17 v 1-7 and the aim was to show Jesus as the 'living water'. We talked about what we need to survive, and focused on Water. We spoke about Wateraid and the good work they do. We planted sunflower seeds which we would need to remember to water if they are to grow.

Week two, we read Genesis 28 v 10-19. We heard the story of the wheat and the tares. We learned that Jesus wants us to be kind and share, but if we do wrong, then it is like letting the weeds grow in our lives. We did a word search.

Week three was Mother's Day, so we made gifts for our mothers and gave each lady in church that day a small bunch of daffodils.

The fourth week was Palm Sunday and we read from Matthew 21 v 1-11 and the aim was to capture the joy of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. We prepared our banner and 3d scene which were to be on display in the church on Easter Sunday.

APRIL 2015

The first Sunday of the month was Easter Day and the children enjoyed taking part in a family service. We took our 'jars of change' for Water Aid into the church.

Week two, we read from Acts 2 v 1-14 and the aim of the lesson was to rejoice with the disciples when they discovered that Jesus was alive. We counted the money in our jars for Water Aid and the fantastic total was 102.13.

Week three, we read the story of the two people walking on the road to Emmaus. We made pipe cleaner people and the children re-enacted the story with their figures.

The last week, we read Psalm 23 and the aim was to show the courage of the Good Shepherd. We talked about the work of the shepherd in the days of Jesus and made sheep pictures.

Anne F Wilson

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