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MAY 2015

Week 1, we read from John 14 v 1-14 and the aim of the lesson was to show that Jesus wants to be our guide. We made an obstacle course from chairs which were to represent the dangers in life. We then took turns being blindfolded while being guided round the obstacles using directions from the group. We then did the same course blindfolded, this time with the help of a friend. We found this easier and discovered it is the same in everyday living with Jesus as our friend and guide

Week 2, we read from John 14 v15-22 and the aim was to show that God is always with us. We agreed that we all need friends. God is our friend too and we should speak to him every day in prayer.

Week 3, we read from John 17 v 1-11 and the aim was to see that Jesus is always with us. We drew a cloud, wrote on it with lemon juice, allowed it to dry and then revealed the message using a hairdryer to heat the cloud.

Week 4, we learned that we should seek God's kingdom. We talked about pearls and how some of them are expensive. People search for them in the hope of finding a valuable one. We had a treasure hunt outside. Jesus wants us to seek the Kingdom of God as for us it is a great treasure too.

JUNE 2015

The first week, we read the story of Jesus travelling around teaching and healing. He saw how sad and troubled people were. Jesus needed some helpers, so he called 12 people to be his disciples. We did a wordsearch finding the names of the disciples.

Week 2, we read from Matthew 10 v 24-34 and the aim was to show that God loves all of his creation. We talked about our pets and also our favourite animals. We talked about conservation and asked God to help us to show respect for his beautiful creation.

Week 3, we read the story of Johnny 'Appleseed.' He was a preacher of God's word in America. On a visit to a farm he noticed how the apples were made into cider and the seeds discarded. He thought it was such a waste, so he planted them wherever he went. Through him, many people learned about Jesus and enjoyed the apples from the trees he had planted. If the church is to grow today, it needs us to be like Johnny, spreading the word of God. We enjoyed eating some apples.

Week 4, was prize giving Sunday. The children received their books. They presented Helen Pate and her fiancÚ Gary with a beautiful piece of music entitled Helen and Gary's Wedding March which was penned for us by Kathryn Smeaton. Kathryn and Katie Brown then played the music for all to hear.

We also gave them a gift voucher.

In the afternoon we held the annual picnic at the RDA by kind permission of Eleanor Phillips.


Over the summer months we did variety of things from Treasure hunts, nature walks, making tennis ball owls and nature pictures.

Anne F Wilson

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