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Week 1 we read from Exodus 12 v1-14 and the aim was to show Jesus Christ is always with us.
We acted out the hymn 'Christ be before me' and made a prayer circle.

Week 2 we read from Exodus 14 v19-31 and the aim was to show that God forgives us and wants us to forgive too. We talked about how Joseph forgave his brothers. We began to plan our Harvest display for the church on Harvest Thanksgiving.

Week 3 we read from Exodus 17 v1-7 and the aim was to show that we have to make good choices. We talked about the people who can help us make the right decisions. We played a choosing game.

Week 4 we read from Exodus 20 v1-4 and the aim was to show we should always remember to say thank you. We made choosers using things we should be thankful for.


We spent the first three weeks of the month working on our Harvest display. We decorated paper plates with pressed flowers, grasses and grains. Our display was titled "Our Countryside".

The fourth week was Harvest Thanksgiving. We took part in the family service.

Anne F Wilson

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