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Week 1 there were no children.

Week 2 we read from Genesis 3 1-9 which tells the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

We learned that God looks for us and comes to us. We made cup owls.

Week 3 we read from Luke 2 15-21 where we learned that being a shepherd in Jesus' time was a dangerous job. We talked about people who do dangerous jobs today. We made paper plate sheep.

Week 4 we read from 1 Samuel 3 1-10. In the story we learned how to listen. We read how Samuel heard a voice calling and he thought it was Eli, who realised it was God, so he told Samuel to go back to bed and listen carefully. We talked about sounds we like to hear. We did a word search and matched the animals to the sounds they make.

Week 5 was a family service.


Week 1 we read the story of Jesus attending the wedding in Cana. The story showed that while our resources are limited, God's are not. We made cardboard water pots.

Week 2 we read from Mark1 29-39 where we learned about Jesus' healing power. We made cupcake flowers.

Week 3 the reading came from Mark 1 40-45 and we saw how Jesus touched people and made them well. We talked about things that we should not touch. We did a word search.

Week 4 our reading came from Mark 2 1-12. We heard the story of four friends who carried their lame friend to Jesus who enabled him to walk again. We made a colourful rug with handles like the one the friends may have used to carry their sick friend.

MARCH 2016

The first week was a joint service at Glamis.

Week 2 we read from Exodus 20 1-17. We talked about some of the Commandments and how they help us to be better people if we follow them. We made a scroll with LOVE GOD LOVE OTHERS on it.

Week 3 we talked about Palm Sunday and how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We made our Easter decorations to be displayed on our Easter tree in the church on Easter Sunday. We made 'trinity' friendship bracelets from three different blue ribbons to represent Wateraid to remind us about the people who would receive help thanks to our Lent collection.

Week 4 was a family service when the children participated in the service.

Anne F Wilson

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