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APRIL 2016

Week 1 The children were delighted to have raised the magnificent total of 138.84 in aid of Water Aid.

We read from Acts 4 v 32 -35 and the aim of the lesson was to share in the wonder of the Resurrection.

We read about Thomas and his reaction to the events. We had an Easter Egg search and made paper cup chickens.

Week 2 we read from Acts 3 v12-19 and we learned of the reaction of the disciples when Jesus appeared to them in the locked room. We made paper plate fish.

Week 3 we read from Acts 4 v5-12 and the aim was to show the love of the Good Shepherd. We talked about the role of the shepherds in Bible times and how dangerous it could be. Jesus wants to be our shepherd and care for us in times of trouble. We made paper plate sheep.

Week 4 we read from Acts 8 v 26-40. We talked about team work and how everyone in the team must do their bit. We learned that Jesus compared his team to a growing vine. We planted seeds.

MAY 2016

Week 1 we read from Acts 10 v 44-48. We made friendship bracelets.

Week 2 we read from Acts 1 v 13-17. This is the story naming the disciples and the one replacing Judas Iscariot. We did a word search finding the names of the disciples. We talked about the ways we can get to know Jesus better.

Week 3 we celebrated Pentecost reading Acts2 v 1-12 and talked about kites. We made banners using coloured crepe paper, and then went outside to see them flutter in the breeze.

Week 4 we talked about 'Trinity.' We likened it to the sun, God being the sun, the light from the sun is Jesus, he called himself 'the Light of the World' and the heat from the sun, which we can feel but not see, like the Holy Spirit. We made tri-coloured streamers, red representing the sun, yellow the light and orange the heat.

Anne F Wilson

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