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JUNE 2016

Week 1 we read from Mark 2 chapter 23 v 3-6 and the aim of the lesson was to see the love of Jesus. We drew round our hands and stuck them round the perimeter of a paper plate which was used to represent the world. On the paper plate we wrote Hands around the World.

Week 2 we read from Mark 4 v 26-34 and the aim was to show that the kingdom of God can grow.
We talked about trees and planted some marigold and impatiens seeds.

Week 3 we read from Mark 4 v 35-41and the aim was to show how God keeps us safe.
We made gifts for Fathers Day.

The last week was prize giving and a family service. We took part in the service with readings and some beautiful music from the Kidd girls.
In the afternoon we held our annual picnic at the RDA Centre at Bottymire.

JULY & AUGUST 2016 We chose the hymn "All things bright and beautiful" for our summer project. We went outside to appreciate the beauty of nature. We made paper flowers using cup-cake cases, bugs using wooden wash pegs, wool apples and leaf people.

Anne F Wilson

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