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Week 1 we read from Mark 7 v 24-37 and the aim of the lesson was to show that God cares for each one of us individually. We learned how Jesus helped a man to hear and speak. We did a wordsearch and when we found the word we had to make a sound it makes.

Week 2 we talked about the life of Jesus Christ. We looked at what our names mean. We coloured pictures that depicted the life of Jesus.

Week 3 we read from Mark 9 v 30-37 and the aim of the lesson was to show that by caring for others Jesus comes to us. We talked about St Christopher and St Francis and the good work they did.

Week 4 we began to colour our pictures for our harvest frieze. For the theme this year we chose a prayer:

First the seed, and then the grain, Thank you God for Sun and Rain
First the flour, and then the bread, Thank you God that we are fed
Thank you God, for all your care, Help us all to share and share. Amen.


The first three weeks we continued to work on our display pictures and crafts for Harvest.

Week 4 was a family service for Harvest Thanksgiving.

The last Sunday of the month we read from John 11 v 32-44. We also read the story of St Francis and the wolf. We talked about how we can care for the birds and animals around us as well as for our pets. We made paper plate fish.

Anne F Wilson

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