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Week 1 we read Psalm 17 v 1-9 and the aim of the lesson was to show that God is full of surprises. We talked about surprises, how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and a tadpole a frog. We also talked about the coming season of Christmas and how we hoped to get some nice surprises.
We made butterflies.

Week 2 we read Psalm 98 and the aim was to show the children that God is always with them. We drew round our footprints and made a pathway with them. We began our Nativity.

Week 3 we read from Luke 23 v 33-43. The aim of the lesson was to show that Jesus is a different kind of King. We made crowns to wear. We continued with our Nativity and began making calendars for Christmas.

Week 4 being the first Sunday in Advent, we talked about the Christmas story, made a Christmas card and continued with our Nativity.


We continued to work on our nativity and finished making calendars.
We held a very successful Christmas crafty party attended by 15 children along with some of their parents. The afternoon was rounded off with a visit from Santa and some carol singing.

On Christmas Eve we presented our Nativity in the church with the help of some of our friends.

Anne F Wilson

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