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Week 1, we talked about the Wise men and the gifts they brought to Jesus. We also discussed the gifts we received at Christmas. We made stars.

Week 2, we read from Luke 3 v 15-17. We talked about baptism and how Jesus was baptised by John in the river Jordan. We made "happy faces" with paper plates.

Week 3, we read the story of Jesus at the wedding where he changed water into wine. We made cardboard "water pots" colouring one side blue to show them full of water and the other red to show them as full of wine after Jesus had performed the first of his "Miracles".

Week 4, we read from Luke 4 v 14-21 and the aim of the lesson was to show that Jesus had work to do. We made scrolls.


Week 1, we read the story of Jesus and the fishermen and how, when they obeyed Jesus they caught lots of fish despite the fact that they had been out all night in their boat and caught nothing. We made paper fish and had a race flapping them along the floor with a rolled up newspaper.

Week 2, we talked about the Mr Men books, in particular Mr Grumpy and Mr Greedy. We do not want to be like them, God wants us to be Mr/Mrs Happy. We talked about what makes us happy. For Valentine Day we made 'mice' using toilet roll centres.

Week 3, we read Luke 6 v 27-38. We learned about Joseph and his coat of many colours. We made 'peg people' giving one a multi-coloured coat.

Week 4, we read the story of Jesus being asleep in the boat when a big storm blew up. The disciples were terrified, so they woke Jesus and he calmed the sea. This was the beginning of the disciples beginning to realise who Jesus was. We made a paper boat and attached it to a cardboard sea with a paper fastener so that it could roll from side to side, just as it would in a storm.

Anne F Wilson

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