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MARCH 2017

Week 1, we read from Exodus 34, v 29-35. We heard how God's glory is seen through Jesus. We coloured a picture of Jesus with wax crayons, sponged a little oil on it and then held it up to the light to see Jesus "shine".

Week 2, we read Luke 4 v 1-13 and the aim of the lesson was to show that there is a battle between good and evil. We coloured in a body shape, cut it into head, trunk, two arms and two legs. We learned that Lent is a time when we give our Hearts, Minds, Hands, and Whole Bodies to God.

Week 3, we read from Luke 13 v 31-35 and the aim was to show that God keeps his promise. We read the story of Abram. We made paper plate pictures of Abram and his sheep.

Week 4, being Mother's Day we made Ferrero Roche flowers for our mums and the ladies of the congregation.

APRIL 2017

Week 1 we had "Cake Sunday". With the help of Lillian Carnegie we decorated cup cakes which we sold to raise money to send to our sponsor child, Saloni Ohal in India. We raised the magnificent sum of 100.10.

Week 2 we read about two popular things that grew in the land where Jesus lived - vines and figs. We drew trees, one with fruit and one without. We had a sample of different fruit to taste, including grapes and figs. We worked on our Easter display.

Week 3 was Easter Sunday and a family service. We took our "Jars for change" into the church. We collected the total of 139.36 for WaterAid. Thanks to all who donated.

Week 4 we read the story of Thomas, and how he found it hard to believe that Jesus was alive. We made bees using toilet roll centres as a base.

The last week of the month we read from Luke 10 v 38-42. We talked about Mary and Martha and how they were excited to welcome Jesus into their home. While Martha was preparing the meal, Mary sat and listened to Jesus. We learned that God wants us to use our ears and talked about the different sounds we could hear outside the hall. We also learned that God wants us to be still sometimes so that we can talk to him in prayer.

MAY 2017

Week 1 we read John 21 v 1-19. We talked about the people who had seen Jesus alive again, including the disciples. We discussed how some of them went fishing and what happened next. We made pictures of the fishermen catching the fish and Jesus on the beach with the fire ready to cook some of the fish for breakfast.

Week 2 we read Psalm 23. We talked about people who do dangerous jobs and how being a shepherd in the times of Jesus could be dangerous. We made pictures of a shepherd and his sheep.

Week 3 We talked friendship and how Jesus wants to be our friend. We did a wordsearch and made friendship bracelets using "loom bands".

The last week we read from John 5 v 1-9 and the aim of the lesson was to show Jesus the healer. We talked people who are sick and how we should try to help them if we can. We discussed the good work done by doctors and nurses. The children then did a maze getting Jesus to the sick.

Anne F Wilson

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