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JUNE 2017

Week 1, we read from Luke 17 v 11-17 and the aim of the lesson was to show that Jesus reaches out to those needing help. We talked about things that made us happy and those that made us sad. We made sad and happy faces and did a wordsearch.

Week 2, we talked about the stories of Mr Nasty and Mr Greedy from the Mr Men series. The aim was for us to understand the need to say we are sorry.

Week 3, was prizegiving and a family service. In the afternoon we held our Annual Picnic at the RDA Centre, by kind permission of Mrs Elinor Phillip. We had a lovely afternoon with food and games.

Week 4, we read from Luke 9 v 51-62 and the aim of the lesson was to understand how important prayer is. We talked about the need to practice if we play a musical instrument or take part in sport.

We did a maze to find the way to follow Jesus and talked about how with practice, we can improve our skills.

JULY & August 2017

Over the summer we had several nature walks picking grasses, leaves and flowers which we then made into pictures. We learned the names of the flowers and the trees. We made dandelion pictures using a fork instead of a paintbrush. We made tree pictures. We also spent one lesson making friendship bracelets using loombands.

Anne F Wilson

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