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Week 1, we read the story of Cuthbert the monk and how he cared for the stranger who arrived at his door. We talked about how we could help care for others. We made kitchen roll centre caterpillars.

Week 2, we heard about Jeremiah and the aim of the lesson was to show that we are in God's hands. We did a word search looking for words we had heard in the story. We made tree pictures drawing around our hands.

Week 3, we read Luke 16 v 1-13 and the aim of the lesson was to show how God trusts us to look after his world. We looked at two pictures and had to find ten differences. We began to plan our Harvest display.

Week 4, we read the story of Lazarus. We talked about children who lived in poor parts of the world, and how their lives are so different from ours. We began to make trees for our Harvest display.


The first two weeks we worked on our Harvest display, which will be in the Church on Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday. Our theme this year is trees and the fruit they bear.

Week 3, was a Family service for Harvest Thanksgiving.

Week 4, we read from Luke17 v 11-19and learned about Jesus and the lepers. We talked about saying thank you. We did a word search, looking for people we should say thank you to. We made thank you cards.

Week 5, we read a story about prayer and how we should talk to God every day. We learned that in order to be good at sport or music we have to practice and it is the same with prayer. We made a prayer pyramid, each side showing something we would like to thank God for.


Week 1, we read the story of St Columba. We heard of his visit to Loch Ness in Scotland and how he prayed to God when he came face to face with the Loch Ness monster. We made Loch Ness monsters.

Week 2, we read from Luke 19 v 1-10. We heard about Zaccheus and how he changed his bad ways when he met Jesus.

Week 3, we talked about surprises, and how God is a wonderful God and full of surprises. We talked about how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly and made cards showing the caterpillar on the outside and the surprise of the butterfly inside.

Week 4, we heard the story of the 'footprints in the sand', we drew round our feet. We began planning our Nativity and making calendars.

Anne F Wilson

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