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WEEKS 1, 2 & 3, we rehearsed our nativity.

On the afternoon of Sunday 17th we held our Crafty Christmas party which was enjoyed by 16 children. The afternoon was rounded off with a visit from Santa and carol singing.

Week 4, we held our dress rehearsal. In the evening we presented our Nativity "The Grumpy Sheep".

We handed out our hand made calendars to the ladies of the congregation.

The last week of the year, we spoke about what presents we had received at Christmas. We made Thank you cards for people who have helped us in Sunday school.


Week 1, we talked about rainbows and how they are a symbol of God's promise to us. We talked about promises we would try to keep this year. We played a game using pictures of things in nature that also show God's promise to us.

Week 2, we talked about Patron Saints and learned that here in Scotland we have Saint Andrew. The aim of the lesson was to show how Andrew was a saint and a missionary. We began to fill our backpacks for "Mary's Meals".

Week 3, we read the story of Jesus by the Sea of Galilee and how he saw two fishermen, and realised that they would be great members of his team. A little further down the shore he met another two and so Andrew, Peter, James and John became his friends and disciples. We cut out cardboard people holding hands representing Jesus and his friends. We then cut out some more and they were our friends and us.

Week 4, we read the story of Jesus and his mother at a wedding and how he performed his first miracle by turning the water into wine. We had our own "party" with savoury snacks and fruit. We drew round our hands on black card and turned them into penguins.

Anne F Wilson

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