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The first Sunday in May being the holiday weekend, there were no children in church.

The second Sunday we read from Acts 2, v 1 - 21 and the aim was to learn that the Spirit give us power. We made crowns of 'flames' and decorated balloons which we intended to release, but, unfortunately there was not enough wind!

The third week we spoke about the 'Trinity'. We read from John 16, v 12 - 15. We made friendship bracelets and badges. There was enough wind to release our balloons.

The last week we read from Luke 7, v 1 - 10 and the aim was to show that Jesus cares for all people. We talked about the Roman soldiers and did a quiz.


The first week in June
we read from Luke 7, v 11- 17 and the aim was to show that Jesus reaches out to those in trouble. We did a word search.

Week 2, we aimed to show what made Jesus happy and sad and also what makes us happy and sad. We made happy/sad faces on paper plates.

Week 3, was a family service for prize giving. The children presented their little drama based on the 'Wise/Foolish Man' before receiving their books. Laura Murdie and Eilidh Bruce read from their Bibles which they received as they move up to High School after the Summer. Katie Brown played her violin.

Week 4, we read the story of Noah and began to mind-map our ideas for our wall picture which we worked on over the summer.

The last week of the school holidays we held another successful Fun day with nine children attending. We give our thanks to Dave Phillip. who came along to make model aeroplanes with the boys (and Carleen) and Lillian Carnegie who decorated cakes with the girls (Linda). Thanks go to Linda for doing drama with the kids and to Carleen for playing her guitar for the singing.

Last Sunday of the school holidays we held our picnic at the Riding for Disabled Association (RDA) at South Bottymire. Thanks go once again to Eleanor and Joanne for allowing us to use the premises.

Anne F Wilson

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