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The first two weeks in October we worked on our Harvest frieze for our display in the Church on Harvest Thanksgiving. We asked for harvest pictures which would be judged by Mr Bob Douglas and be part of our display.

The third Sunday was Harvest Thanksgiving and a family service. The winners of the competition were the Anderson family and Anna Bruce. Runners up were Linda Steven and Laura Murdie.

The last Sunday of the month we read from Exodus 33; v 12-23 and the aim of the lesson was to show that we should give ourselves to God because he gives us everything. We talked about the ‘gifts’ from God and how we should try to use them as best we can.

The first week in November we read from Acts 2; v1-21 and we learned that the disciples were filled with God’s power. We began to plan our Nativity which this year is called ‘The star who couldn’t twinkle.’

The second week we allocated the parts in our Nativity and began to make the costumes etc.

The third week was ‘Cake Week’ when the children decorated cup cakes which were then sold to raise money for our sponsor child in India. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped us raise the magnificent sum of £92. Special thanks to Lillian Carnegie for her help and expertise in cake decoration.

The last week we began rehearsals for our Nativity and making the calendars which we give to the congregation.

We continued with the rehearsals and calendar making in December.

On 22 December in the afternoon we held our Crafty Christmas Party when the children enjoyed making crafts, games and a visit from Santa. Special thanks to Mrs G Masson for her help with the crafts.

On Christmas Eve the children presented their Nativity in the Church and also contributed to the music during the service.

Anne F. Wilson.

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