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Week 1 was the ABM at Glamis and the aim of the lesson that God wants us to be loving and giving. We coloured in the word love and then made it into a word stretch to show how love should grow as we grow. We made fuzzies (pom poms) to give to someone we love.

Week 2 we read from John 3 v 1-17 and the aim was to see that if we trust Jesus then good things will happen. We talked about moving house and the uncertainties that can bring and also about Abram moving and trusting in God.

Week 3 we read Exodus 17 v1-7 and the aim was to know that Jesus is the living water. We spoke about Wateraid and heard some interesting facts about the charity.

Week 4 was Mothering Sunday and we made 'flowerpots' with a message on them to give to all the ladies after church.

The last week we read from John 2 v 1-11 and we learned how Jesus turned the water into wine. We made a stand up model of the wedding at Cana.


Week 1 we read the story of Lazarus and did a word search. We also began making our Easter banners for displaying in church on Easter Sunday.

Week 2 was Palm Sunday and we made palm trees. We read Matthew 21 v1-11 and saw the part the palm trees played in the story. We continued to work on our banners.

Week 3 was Easter Sunday and a family service. We took our Jars of money into church. After the service they were counted and we were very pleased to have raised the wonderful sum of 50 for Wateraid.

The last week we read from 1 Peter v 3-9. Our thought for the day was that through the risen Jesus we have a living hope that will never spoil or fade. We decorated balloons and tried to let them go, but there wasn't enough wind.

Anne F Wilson

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