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The first two weeks we worked on our Harvest Display. This year the theme is vegetables. We coloured pictures of our favourite veg and made vegetable people from potatoes, carrots, turnips cauliflower and broccoli.

The third week was a family service for Harvest Thanksgiving.

The last week we read the story of St Boniface.


The first week we read Matthew 24 v 1-14 and the aim of the lesson to show that God is always with us and loves us all the time. We made cardboard candles to remind us that God is always near.

Week 2 we read from Matthew 25 v 1-13 and the aim was to see that Jesus wants us to be his friends.

Week 3 was Cake Sunday when, with the help of Lillian Carnegie we decorated approximately 120 cup cakes which we sold to the congregation after Church. We raised 100 towards our money for our sponsor child in India.

Week 4 we began to rehearse our Nativity play, which, this year is entitled Mary's Story.


We used the time in Sunday school to rehearse our Nativity and make calendars to give out at the Christmas Eve Service.

We had a Crafty Christmas party which included games and a visit from Santa.

On Christmas Eve the children presented their Nativity in the Church with a power point and music being supplied by the older girls. Thanks to Diane Acheson and Katherine Smeaton for their help with the music.

Anne F Wilson

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