The Well Of St. Fergus

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Water from the Well of St. Fergus trickles into the Glamis burn, and another small stream flows into the burn just a short distance away.

Sites like these were very important to Pictish Celtic people because places "where three waters meet" were, and still are, considered sacred.

Fergus had baptised local people here and the water is still used for present day baptisms.

The area around the well was recorded in a television programme, the Beechgrove Garden Hit Squad Specials, featuring Jim McKirdy and Walter Gilmour.

In 1993, along with local volunteers, Jim and Walter cleaned up and replanted most of the area.

Should you manage a visit to the well, think on these words from a past minister at Glamis, the Reverend John Stirton, when he wrote about St. Fergus' Well,

"...the spirit of the ages can be felt at the side of the burn. It is a place where the idle may be tempted to become studious and the studious to grow idle."

Perhaps spending some quality time in this "outdoor cathedral", you may find the peace Stirton mentioned.

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