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St. Fergus Kirk, Glamis Glamis Inverarity Kinnettles Church is a "union" of three churches, or kirks, set up in 1996. We are members of the Church Of Scotland practicing the Scottish Presbyterian faith in a fairly typical, "quiet", Scottish way.

Our parish, which is mainly rural, covers an area just south and west of Forfar in the County of Angus situated in the east of Scotland with Aberdeen to the north, Dundee and Edinburgh to the south. The parish stretches from east to west in a kind of ellipse.

Farming is the predominant occupation with a number of people choosing to live here, but commute to work in the major towns and cities.

In common with other Church Of Scotland kirks, Communion is twice yearly. Currently, for Worship, we use the "Good News" version of the Holy Bible, "Church Hymnary Fourth Edition" (CH4). We often use hymns and music from other sources too.

There are two "Guilds" as they are now known, having dropped "Women's" from the title, with one based at Inverarity and another at Glamis.

Inverarity Kirk With the arrival of the twenty first century, our aim is maintain a Christian presence despite the current falling "church-going" trend in Scotland and the UK as a whole.

To continue to spread the Gospel when and where possible in the face of competition, which is fierce, for "leisure time" with the secular world when once it was considered a "duty" to attend church and "practice" the Christian faith instead of golf.

Shopping malls, DIY stores and garden centres appear to be the new "temples" where most people "attend".

Meeting people where they  are, rather than wait for them to come to us, for us  to be more "outgoing" instead of waiting for them  to be "attending" church is a new "mission".

There is no doubt about it, people are increasingly searching for "something" to believe in, to have their questions answered. Distractions are plentiful in the current "shop window" of choices. Making a mark, stating a case is never going to be easy much the same as when Jesus came to preach the "good news", some people turned away to follow their own agendas.

Kinnettles Kirk Who says things are always changing? - not all!

We hope you enjoy our modest site and please do not be offended when we pray

May God bless you and yours
May He bless your house richly
May you know Him in all His glory
As you travel through this life, and on to the next.

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