The Wild Geese

Flight Pattern Transparent GIF Lino Cut by Barbara Robertson

Picture Of The Lino-Cut Of The Flight Pattern
Back in Pictish Celtic times the wild goose was a symbol of war. St. Columba, of Iona fame, is given the credit for applying this symbol as a representation of The Holy Spirit.

However, we use the three wild geese in flight to symbolise our three churches, Glamis, Inverarity, Kinnettles which were unioned, joined together into one parish, in 1996.

Geese in flight constantly change "leaders". As one tires, another takes over and so on. No goose stays up front "leading" all the time they are flying.

This is the same with our churches. Sometimes there is more activity at one church than the other. Then it is the turn of another church, much like wild geese, to change places at the front of the formation.

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