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The north window is the work of Gordon Webster, installed in 1969 in memory of the Reverend Matthew Babington, bequeathed by Anne, his wife. They were largely responsible for the "modernisation" of the church between 1933 and 1934.

Top left is JESUS preaching in the Temple with top right, The Annunciation.

In the centre showing, left, JESUS carrying The Cross with Simon of Cyrene and right, Saint Margaret, wife and Queen to King Malcolm Canmore of Scotland, who sometimes held court at his Castle in Forfar, of which a tower still remains. Margaret was responsible for the building of Restenneth Priory, just outside Forfar, amongst many others.

In the lower left, Moses beside The Burning Bush. The lower right depicting The Nine Maidens of Donevaldus. They were reputed to live in Glen Ogilvy just south of Glamis. Donevaldus is thought to be a contemporary of Saint Fergus of Glamis.

The south window is the work of Herbert Hendrie, Principal of the Edinburgh College of Art, and it was placed here in memory of John and Ann Milne of Holemill, Glamis.

In the left hand apex is an Angel holding a Cross, and in the right is an Angel bearing the Heavenly Gift ..... a Crown. Directly below, there are four Angels holding symbols of Faith (a flame), Hope (spring flowers), Purity (a lily) and Love (the heart).

The main figures in the window depict Saint Andrew and Saint Fergus. Saint Andrew stands on a rock rising from the sea. He holds a staff, net and fishes. Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland along with other countries.

Saint Fergus (died c. 750 A.D.) is shown as an early Bishop of the Celtic Church, with mitre and crozier. He holds a model of a church to symbolise his church building efforts. The shamrock beneath his feet indicate his Irish connections, while the thistles show his status as a Scottish Saint. He died at Glamis "full of years".

At the bottom of the window, four more Angels symbolise Prayer, Vigilence (a bell) and the Harvest (fruit and corn).

The quatrefoils, which they surmount, depict CHRIST as the shepherd, and on the right is the Sower, both appropriate images in the farming community of Glamis.

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